AWS Account administration

AWS Cloudfront administration

AWS DocumentDB administration

AWS EC2 administration

AWS ECS administration

AWS IAM administration

AWS Lambda triggered by API Gateway

AWS Lambda triggered by S3 events

AWS Lambda triggered by direct invocation

AWS S3 administration

Apache administration

BASH shell scripting

Bitbucket Pipelines

Bootstrap Design

CircleCI deployment

Client-side JavaScript development

Cloudflare administration

CSS Styling

Digital Ocean administration

DNS Administration

Docker-based deployment to AWS ECS

Docker-based deployment to AWS Lambda

Docker-based deployment

Docker-based development environments

Docker-based testing environments

Elasticsearch administration

Elasticsearch search index design

Elasticsearch search queries

Express.js deployment to AWS Lambda

Firebase deployment

Firebase application development

Firestore database administration

Firestore database schema design

Firestore database search queries



GitHub Actions

Google Cloud Platform administration

Heroku deployment and administration

Linux administration

Material UI

MongoDB administration

MongoDB deployment

MongoDB schema design

MongoDB search queries

MySQL administration

MySQL schema design

MySQL search queries

MySQL deployment using Terraform

Next.js deployment to AWS EC2

Next.js deployment to AWS Lambda

Next.js software development with TailwindCSS

Next.js software development with TypeScript

Next.js software development

Nginx administration

Node.js deployment to AWS Lambda

Node.js software development with Express.js

Node.js software development

Nuxt.js deployment to AWS EC2

Nuxt.js deployment to AWS Lambda

Nuxt.js software development with TypeScript

Nuxt.js software development

PHP server administration

PHP software development

PostgreSQL administration

PostgreSQL schema design

PostgreSQL search queries

PostgreSQL deployment using Terraform

Python deployment to AWS Lambda

Python software development

React Native software development

React software development


Regular Expressions

SQL Schema design



Sequelize ORM

Server-side JavaScript development

TailwindCSS Styling

Terraform HCL

Terraform-based deployment to AWS

Terraform-based deployment to Cloudflare

Terraform-based deployment to Digital Ocean

Terraform-based deployment to Firebase

Terraform-based deployment to Google Cloud Platform

TypeScript software development

Ubuntu administration

Unix administration

Vue software development

WordPress administration

WordPress custom plugin development

WordPress custom theme development

WordPress deployment